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In common parlance, the term branding is often used interchangeably with the term logo designing. However, they are not the same. logo designing forms just a small part of the whole branding process. Branding is much more extensive. Whether you are looking to get a logo designed for your brand or are looking for complete branding solutions – or something in between – we at Fishyhue Studio can definitely help you.

If you want to read more about branding and logo designing – you can read one of our posts here.

Alternatively, you can just drop us a line and we would be happy to get your doubts cleared. It’s free, friendly, and genuine!


Price starts at

(Prices are flexible as per actual needs)

(Prices are flexible as per actual needs)


Price starts at

(Prices are flexible as per actual needs)

(Prices are flexible as per actual needs)


Price starts at

(General Consultations are Free!)

(General Consultations are Free)

What it includes and Addons?

At Fishyhue Studio we hate to sell our clients a pre-made off-the-shelf package. We understand that everyone has different requirements. So depending on your requirements – we suggest you the things you need and things you don’t and things you can safely postpone. Also all our ‘packages’ are super flexible – you can pickup services as you go forward and you don’t have to commit anything.

Branding services may include the following (includes paid addons):
  • Brand name research 
  • Tagline/hashtag research
  • Brand story conceptualization
  • Logo designing
  • Logo inspiration story
  • Brand guideline booklet
  • Brand booklet creation
  • Brand design assets
  • Brand font and color suggestion
  • Home page design
  • Brand web & design assets
  • Website design concept
  • Social media post templates
  • Social media posts
  • Brand stationary designing
  • Branded publicity materials
  • Custom branded QR Codes
  • Branded social media banners
  • Branded social media bio
  • Custom Youtube thumbnails
  • Suggested brand tone and voice
  • Website page content
  • PR publication content writing
  • PR publication (third party)
  • Custom caller tunes (third party)
  • Custom contact numbers (third party)
Logo designing may include the following (includes paid addons)
  • Logo conceptualization
  • Initial concepts
  • Unlimited modification
  • Mockups
  • Lightweight SVG animated logos
  • All sizes & formats (~80 files)
  • Ready to use logo image files
  • Editable vector formats
  • Logo guidelines
  • Logo inspiration story
  • Mono-color logos
  • Inverted color logos
  • Logo icon-only files
  • Logo favicon
  • Logo intro/outro videos

Content and Branding for Nukkad Vibes


Nukkad Vibes is a food & culture startup by NRIs which connects to the desi roots. The branding, brand tone, content, design, and social media were a mix of quirk, desi vibes, food, and fun but again had to have a modern touch. Right from the desi animated logo to the mascot ‘Kutting”, the feel of the brand was thought out from the ground up. Since it was not a commercial project, we tried to keep the cost minimum and went for multi-staged development. We also wrote a few top ranking blog posts for the brand.

Aarna Restaurant - Logo Design


Aarna is a Multi Cusine Restaurant startup based in Vizag. We were hired for designing the log for the brand. Since the brand was about to be launched – and till in the initial phase, we had no guidelines for creating the logo. And fortunately, our client was open to ideas, so we had a great time playing with the concept. The word ‘Aarna’ has multiple meanings – Ocean; Wave; Goddess Lakshmi. So we tried versions with different meanings – and finally settled for the ‘Lotus’ logo – which signifies Goddes Lakshmi and is auspicious.

Logo Design and Branding for Shuddh Deshi


Shuddh Deshi is an Ayurveda startup. We were engaged to create the logo and design the brand assets. Since the name was already decided and the tone and voice and target audience of the brand were already set, we had to improvise on the set guidelines. There were broadly two requirements – it has to have a ‘devnagri’ font feel and has to reflect nature or purity.

Why is Fishyhue Studio Different? The Features

At Fishyhue Studio we aim at providing you with premium services at the most affordable price point possible. We keep the process super transparent and flexible so that you can get the best value for money. We believe in offering and suggesting better affordable alternatives without compromising on quality.

Often design houses will sell you packages with free add-ons. However, the fact is tiold – nothing is free. So you end up taking free services you don’t need and end up paying for those services as hidden charges.

At Fishyhue Studio – we provide you with things you need and charge you for that.

Also, we provide you with all the raw files and formats you would ever need. We love to see you come back, but not for incomplete and unusable files and deliveries. And in case you need something additional – we are always there!

Features Our Clients Love
  • Flexible service packages
  • We suggest the most affordable option
  • Choose from multiple options
  • Hire via Upwork, Fiverr, Payoneer etc.
  • Escrow option available
  • Lifetime support
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • The industry expertise of 12+ years
  • No middleman or unnecessary hierarchy
  • Talk and discuss with the designer/writer directly
  • The Guys at Fishyhue are well-read and know their stuff!

Not sure? Drop us a line!

No. This is not a sales pitch.

Just a friendly discussion on what you need and what we can offer and what other options you have (other than us!). Think of us less as a design agency and more as a friend who knows (a lot!) about branding.

No Commitment. No Strings Attached. Genuine.

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