Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Logo Designer

Are you planning to get a new logo for your brand? You should read this before you hire a designer or post a design job.

We have been working as branding experts for more than 12 years and have seen that often the designers don’t ask questions to their clients before creating a logo, or the clients are not prepared with the answers and ignore them. As a result, you spend a lot of time and money rejecting and refining the logo and end up getting a logo that does not suit your business.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to save time and money and get the best out of the designer. Also in case, your designer does not ask you questions about your brand, probably you should look out for other designers.

Q1. Where will you be putting up the logo?

For example, if you plan to embed the logo — go for a logo with fewer details, or if you are into building an app — choose a logo that is responsive or looks good in a square.

Q2. What is the nature of your business and plans for recent expansion?

If you plan to expand — choose a logo that signifies your values but is not tied to the actual industry or work you do.

Q3. Do you have a specific way you spell your brand name?

Dots, dashes, stars, or symbols, or any capitalization or spacing requirements?

Q4. Do you have any competition in the market?

Studying your competition is one of the first steps for branding research.

Q5. Any logo you like or dislike?

Make a list of logos you love and you hate (can be famous logos or free ones). It gives the designers an idea of your taste.

Q5. When do you need your logo to be ready?

Designing is a creative work and at times designers just might not come up with an idea. So if you can afford it, don’t rush the designers.

Hope that makes your life a little easier and your branding a little more personal and beautiful.

In case you would like to discuss your project with me or hire me, please feel free to do so!

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