Hot Blogging Niches for Startups in India – Top 5

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Top Blogging Niches for Startups in India

It is difficult to accurately identify the top blogging niches for startups in India, as trends and interests can change over time. Here are a few potential niches that may be popular among Indian Startups:

01. Technology and Gadgets Blog Niche

Blogs in this niche typically cover the latest technology and gadget news, reviews, and trends. Some possible topics that could be covered in a technology and gadgets blog in India might include:


Reviews of the latest smartphone models, comparisons of different brands and models, and tips and tricks for using smartphones. If you are a startup that deals with smartphone accessories, this niche can do wonders. Fonearena Blog is an awesome example.


Reviews of the latest laptop models, comparisons of different brands and models, and tips and tricks for using laptops. Great for tech startups related to tech e-commerce. Check out HiLaptop Blog for inspiration.


Reviews and news about wearable technology, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses. Probably the hottest sub-niche. Can work for tech, lifestyle, and curio startups alike. You would love the way Noise Blog has varied content which revolves around smart wearables but still targets lifestyle.

Home Gadgets

Reviews and news about home gadgets, such as smart home devices, home security systems, and home entertainment systems. If you are into IoT, this is something you can’t miss. Inc42 IoT Blog is a great inspiration.


News and reviews of the latest video game consoles and games, as well as tips and tricks for gaming. You can tie that up with a YouTube channel with live streaming.


Reviews and news about the latest apps and software for smartphones, laptops, and other devices.

Internet and Social Media

News and tips about the latest developments in the

internet and social media, such as new social media platforms or changes to existing ones. You must have seen this – Neil Patel Blog.

Emerging Technologies

Coverage of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. Check out the Boat blog.

Blogs in the technology and gadgets niche can be a great source of information and entertainment for readers who are interested in staying up to date with the latest tech trends.

02. Lifestyle Blog Niche

Lifestyle is a broad and popular niche for blogging in India. Blogs relating to lifestyle cover a wide range of topics related to daily life, including fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and personal development. Some possible topics that could be covered in a lifestyle blog in India might include:


Trends and style tips for men, women, and children, including clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Myntra Blog is an inspiration treasure.


Tips and advice on skincare, makeup, haircare, and other beauty-related topics. Check out the Nykaa Blog.

Health and Wellness

Information and tips on maintaining good health, including nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Healthyfy Me blog gives you a lot of inspiration.

Personal Development

Advice and resources for personal growth and self-improvement, such as goal setting, time management, and productivity. SpeakingTree Blog is an example.

Home and Family

Tips and ideas for home decor, organization, and family life.


Destination guides, travel tips, and personal travel experiences. What can be better than OYO Blogs?

Food and Cooking

Recipes, restaurant reviews, and culinary travel.

Relationships and Love

Advice and resources for dating, relationships, and marriage.

Hobbies and Interests

Ideas and resources for hobbies and interests, such as crafts, hobbies, and sports.

Lifestyle blogs can be a great source of inspiration and practical advice for readers who are interested in improving various aspects of their daily lives.

03. Food Blog Niche

Blogs in this niche typically cover topics related to cooking, recipes, food culture, and culinary travel. Some possible topics that could be covered in a food blog in India might include:


Original recipes for a variety of dishes, including traditional Indian recipes, international cuisine, and vegan and vegetarian options. Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s Blog is a good inspiration.

Restaurant Reviews

Reviews of restaurants and cafes, including local and international chains.

Culinary Travel

Guides and experiences related to culinary travel, including food festivals, markets, and cooking classes.

Food Culture

Articles and stories about the history and culture of food, including traditional Indian cuisine and the impact of globalization on Indian food culture.

Home Cooking

Tips and techniques for home cooking, including kitchen gadgets and tools, ingredient substitutions, and meal planning.

Food and Health

Information on the health benefits and drawbacks of different foods and ingredients, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy diet. Do check out the cultfit blog if you are short of ideas.

Food and Sustainability

Articles and resources on sustainable food practices, including local and organic food, waste reduction, and food waste.

Food blogs can be a great source of inspiration and information for readers who are interested in cooking and trying new foods.

04. Personal Finance Blog

Blogs in this niche typically cover topics related to budgeting, saving, investing, and managing money. Some possible topics that could be covered in a personal finance blog in India might include:


Tips and strategies for creating and sticking to a budget, including budgeting tools and apps.


Strategies for saving money, including emergency funds, long-term savings, and saving for specific goals.


Information and advice on different types of investments, including stocks, mutual funds, and real estate. PayTM blog is a good source of inspiration.

Debt Management

Strategies for paying off debt, including credit card debt, student loans, and mortgage debt.

Credit Scores

Tips for improving and maintaining a good credit score, including credit card usage and credit reporting.


Tips for tax planning and maximizing tax deductions. Do check out the blog page of MyTaxBuddy.

Financial Planning

Advice and resources for planning for the future, including retirement, insurance, and estate planning.

Money and Relationships

Advice on managing money in relationships, including couples and family finances.

Personal finance blogs can be a great resource for readers who are looking for practical advice and guidance on managing their money.

05. Travel Blog Niche

Blogs in this niche typically cover topics related to travel destinations, travel tips, and personal travel experiences. Some possible topics that could be covered in a travel blog in India might include:

Destination Guides

In-depth guides to specific travel destinations, including popular tourist attractions, local culture, and accommodation options.

Travel Tips

Practical tips and advice for planning and enjoying a trip, including packing lists, budgeting, and safety. CurlyTales is our personal fav.

Personal Travel Experiences

Personal accounts and photos of travel experiences, including solo travel, family travel, and group travel.

Cultural Exchange

Articles and stories about cultural exchange and cross-cultural experiences during travel.

Adventure Travel

Ideas and resources for adventure travel, including hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. Read these blog posts by MakeMyTrip for inspiration.

Cultural Tourism

Guides and resources for cultural tourism, including traditional festivals, customs, and heritage sites.

Sustainable Travel

Tips and resources for sustainable travel, including eco-friendly accommodation and eco-tourism.

Travel blogs can be a great source of inspiration and information for readers who are planning a trip or are interested in travel.

Blogging Niches for Startups in India – Part 2

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