5 Types of Startups That Can Gain the Most From Instagram

As per the latest data from Statistics and Data Org – Instagram is the fourth most popular social media network. It’s just after Facebook, Youtube, and WhatsApp. So it’s obvious that most of the startups are on Instagram. However, practically speaking, there are few startups that can gain the most from Instagram. This is particularly true because of the audience they target and the nature of their product or service.

So let us see in detail, what business can gain the most from Instagram and if your business is one of them.

Instagram – it’s more than just reels!

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service. It allows users to take pictures and videos, apply filters, and share them on their profile or with their followers. Users can also interact with each other by liking, commenting, and tagging photos. Instagram is available as a free app on both iOS and Android and can also be accessed on the web. It was launched in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over a billion monthly active users.

Startups That Can Gain the Most From Instagram

Most startups are on Instagram and gain in the form of followers and blue ticks. However, there are few businesses that have more advantages over others when it comes to reading the benefits of Instagram. These are startup industries that are more on the visual side!

Here are the top 5 picks.

E-commerce businesses

Instagram can be a great way for online stores to showcase their products and drive sales. The platform’s visual nature allows businesses to create attractive product listings. Although it lacks the link directly to products in post captions for most businesses, it still is an influencing factor. However, if you plan to go for paid ads, Instagram makes it easy for users to make purchases. E-commerce startups that deal with lifestyle and fashion can gain huge from Instagram. Also, Instagram is a great way to showcase testimonials, reviews, how-to videos, and more, even if direct selling is a bit tough on Instagram.

Beauty and fashion brands

We won’t exaggerate if we say that today Instagram and beauty/lifestyle are synonymous. Instagram has been and is a popular platform for fashion and beauty brands to share content and engage with their audience. Brands can use Instagram to share product photos and tutorials, as well as to collaborate with influencers and showcase their products in action. Add to that, reels and trends also boost fashion and lifestyle brands if done the right way and at the right time. Also, there is a chance to get viral on Insta and affect other social media platforms.

Food and beverage businesses

Instagram is a great platform for restaurants, cafes, and other food and beverage businesses to share photos of their dishes and drinks, as well as to connect with foodies and potential customers. With an increasing number of food bloggers out there, food startups can gain immensely from Instagram. These startups can also collaborate with food bloggers to add a viral elements to their marketing strategy.

Travel and tourism businesses

Instagram is a popular platform for travel and tourism businesses to share stunning photos of their destinations and experiences. This can be a great way to inspire travel and drive bookings. Short videos of some exotic travel locations, some filters and edits, a few hashtags, and trending audio – you are set to go viral on Instagram with your travel/tourism startup.

Personal brands

There is a pretty long list of Instagrammers that have made it big on Instagram. Instagram can be a powerful platform for individuals looking to build a personal brand. It can be a great way for people to share their experiences, thoughts, and insights, and to connect with a larger audience. Also nowadays short videos are doing better than full-form videos, thanks to the ever-decreasing attention span. Whether you are a motivational speaker, marketing guru, or finance moughal – Instagram is there for you – provided you can use it with consistency.

Do you think we missed out on any? Please let us know in the comments below.

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