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Get social they said! Custom social media post design for every price range.

Today every brand and startup has to be on social media. Your social presence defines how big a brand you are. Whether you like it or not, or believe in it – this criterion to judge a brand is here to stay. – thanks to Zekurburgs and Musks!

It’s time to up your social game. Social media presence packages for every brand at every price range – that’s how we help you!


Quotes, one-liners, and filler posts

Price starts at

(20 Posts – Per month)

(20Posts – Per month)


Posts related to your product/customers

Price starts at

(20 Posts – Per month)

(20Posts – Per month)


Posts created as per requirements

Price starts at

(Per post)

(Per post)

Plans and Packages. What they include

The social media requirement of each brand and startup is hugely different. So we believe in keeping all the social media post creation packages highly flexible. However, if you are unsure about what you need – you can pick any of the above packages – and if needed modify them as per your need. Else if you are feeling adventurous – ask us for creating a custom package from scratch.

Generic Posts (Monthly Plan)

  • 20 industry-related generic posts – quotes, trivia, graphics, and festival posts.
  • We would create a customized template and theme reflecting brand tone, visual design, and branding. Once approves – it will be used in all the posts to maintain consistency and reinforce brand visibility.
  • No revision of individual posts is normally allowed. However, we will be happy to replace a maximum of 5 posts with new ones.
  • Text for the description can be added as a paid add-on.
  • We do not provide social media management or posting services. However you can use free services like Buffer to schedule posts.

Targeted Posts (Monthly Plan)

  • 20 posts which target your audience or subtly promote your services, often with a witty tone. This may include memes, wordplay, pop-culture, dual meaning, latest events, viral contents etc.
  • All posts would be in tune with your brand voice, visual identity to maintain consistency and reinforce brand visibility.
  • No revision of individual posts is normally allowed. However, we will be happy to replace a maximum of 5 posts with new ones.
  • Suggested text for the description will be provided.
  • We do not provide social media management or post on your behalf. 

Custom Posts (Individual Posts)

  • We also create social media posts as per your specific requirements. These usually include posts announcing any offer, details of any package, inviting for any program, and specific design requirements.
  •  Any design requirement that is out of scope for the other packages can be included.
  • Prices will depend on individual requirements and the number of revisions needed.
  • Customized posts are priced and billed individually.
  • You can commission custom posts as and when needed.

Why is Fishyhue Studio Different? The Features

At Fishyhue Studio we aim at providing you with premium services at the most affordable price point possible. We keep the process super transparent and flexible so that you can get the best value for money. We believe in offering and suggesting better affordable alternatives without compromising on quality.

Often design houses will sell you packages with free add-ons. However, the fact be told – nothing is free. So you end up taking free services you don’t need and end up paying for those services as hidden charges.

At Fishyhue Studio – we provide you with things you need and charge you for that.

Also, we provide you with all the raw files and formats you would ever need. We love to see you come back, but not for incomplete and unusable files and deliveries. And in case you need something additional – we are always there!

Features Our Clients Love
  • Flexible service packages
  • We suggest the most affordable option
  • Choose from multiple options
  • Hire via Upwork, Fiverr, Payoneer etc.
  • Escrow option available
  • Lifetime support
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • The industry expertise of 12+ years
  • No middleman or unnecessary hierarchy
  • Talk and discuss with the designer/writer directly
  • The Guys at Fishyhue are well-read and know their stuff!

Not sure? Drop us a line!

No. This is not a sales pitch.

Just a friendly discussion on what you need and what we can offer and what other options you have (other than us!). Think of us less as a design agency and more as a friend who knows (a lot!) about branding.

No Commitment. No Strings Attached. Genuine.

Drop us a line!

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