Graphic Design Works

One-Liner T-Shirt Design

One-liner or Typography t-shirt designs focus mainly on the text and have no or minimal illustrations. These t-shirts rank mainly for their hard-hitting, sarcastic, or funny content. Brainstorming on the text is the main work here and this is the part with takes max effort and time.

One-Liner t-shirt artworks created for clients

Here are some of the one-liner t-shirt designs I had a great time creating

Right Swipe

This t-shirt was created for Tshirt.Pizza with the social craze for dating apps in mind.


A bit of pun intended. Funny chai t-shirt for One of their best sellers!

Kolkata Love

Really loved creating this typography t-shirt. Had a great time researching. For Chandrimas

Sadda Swag

T-shirt created for a Indian t-shurt brand,


Typography t-shirt for

Quirky typography t-shirt

Typography t-shirt for

Graphic T-Shirt Design

Graphic t-shirts are more on the illustration side. Here the imagery plays an important part. Since these designs are illustration-based, much thought goes into the choice of colors whic=lr screen-printing as I have to strive for the least number of colors without compromising on the design look.

Illustration based t-shirt artworks created for clients

Some of the designs I created. Hope you like them

Ice-Cream Love

Who does not love ice-cream? I do love them.

Respect the Bro-Code

One of favourite t-shirt that I created.

Man Myth Mystery

This t-shirt is very close to my heart. Depicts Unakoti – Tripura.

Graphic Designing Service

Graphic designing is a broad term and any design not covered under any other heading here comes under this heaqding. So if there is any custom designing in your mind – we can term it as graphic designing and get on working.

Menu cards created for a catering business

Create the all-round branding and designing for a catering business. These are some of the menu cards and variations created for them.

Typography Design

Typography design inspired by the Indian truck art.

Image manipulation and editing

Image manipulation and editing.

Typography Artwork

Typography Artwork

Poster Design

Poster Designing

Poster Design

Poster Designing

Poster Design

Poster Designing

Social Media Creatives

This includes creatives for social media – like Facebook posts, Twitter images, Instagram posts, Insta stories, and Social media promotion/ad images, Youtube Thumbnails. It also includes the creation of profile images and cover images. Other than that it also includes creation of custom social media icons.

Social Media Poster

Social media poster for a social campaign

Instagram Post

Instagram ad post.

Instagram post

Instagram post


Some of the infographics I created.


Illustrations created for t-shirts, posters, and social media creatives.


Illuistrations created for t-shirts


Illustrations for t-shirt


Illustrations for t-shirt


Illustrations for t-shirt

Logo Designing

I provide logo designing services for a wide range of industries. I understand that logo is much more than some symbols and fonts. It’s the identity and the idea behind the brand in a visual form.

Logo Design

Logo design for a consultancy firm

Logo Designing

Logo design for a Social Start-Up


Logo for an Indian-expat community in Singapore

Logo Designing

Concept logo for an LGBTQ self-help group

Logo Designing

Logo design



Logo Designing

Logo Design

Minimalist Logo

Created a few logos as a part of the 30-day logo challenge. The challenge was to create minimalist logo of Indian names which symbolises their meaning.

Logo Design

Minimalist name logo

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Minimalist Logo Designing

Logo design as a part of 30-day challenge

Branding Services

Along with logo designing, I also provide branding services for a wide range of business profiles. I also provide Other branding services like brand fonts and color palettes and business stationaries.

Branding Service

Branding for own in-house freelance service

Packaging Designing

Packaging design for a restaurant

Bill Book Designing

Bill book design for a start-up

Poster Designing

Online banner for a social start-up

Website Designing and Creatives

We create full fledged websites for every need with included hosting and other services. Also, we provide standalone website graphic services like banners, image optimization, image touchups, etc.

Website Banner

Website ad banner linking to a youtube video

One-Page website

One page portfolio website for self use

Custom Website

Custom website. Check out here

Basic Service Website

Basic WordPress based website.

Website Content Writing

I provide highly researched and SEO-based content for websites and blogs – as part of the web designing and also as a stand-alone service. All the contents are original and tailor-made to get readers’ attention.

Website blog and content creation

I can provide you with customized content for your website. All the contents are original and SEO focused.

Technical writing

I provide tech articles like – know-how, how-to, reviews etc.

SEO focussed articles

I provide you with SEO focused content along with meta-data and open-graphs

Researched Articles

I can provide you with researched articles on a wide range of subjects.

Ambigram and Calligraphy Designing

If you are looking for an ambigram or calligraphy-based logo or design work – you are at the right place. For those who don’t know what an Ambigram is – it is a way of writing any word or phrase which reads the same or different work when rotated or seen in a mirror.

Tettris inspired ambigram

Tetris inspired ambigram artwork – TYPISM


The Expert was once a Beginner

Dual Name Ambigram

Dual name couple ambigram – Pallavi/Sumit

Ambigram Logo

Ambigram logo for a clothing brand –


What my clients have to say!

“Very good understanding of latest trends and technologies. Suggested QR code for our business cards. It is really a great addition”
Hetal Jain
“1. Delivered on time 2. Excellent designs -- went above and beyond 3. Creative and easy to work with. Will work again with Sumit.”
Sidhant Gupta